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abgesagtThe 11th Championship will take place in Strömsholm, Sweden, 4-7 June Hosted by Swedish Farrier Association on behalf of EFFA

This event takes place every two years and is hosted by an EFFA member nation. Holland hosted the first event in 2000 and now in 2020 the 11th Championship will be held in Strömsholm, Sweden, and hosted by the Swedish Farrier Association. Four competitors per nation can participate.

Judges: Tom Petersen (USA) and Andrew Casserly (U.K.)

Strömsholm and Strömsholmsdagarna
Strömsholmsdagarna (The Strömsholm days), held in the court grounds of the stunning Strömsholm castle, is one of the biggest horsing events in Sweden. It’s four days full of international dressage, showjumping and eventing, including lots of horseshows, food stands and exhibitors to keep you busy.


4 Thursday    Registration, training day and judges briefing at the arena.

5 Friday     Shoeing class+ specimen, shoeing one front or hind foot,
Icelandic horse.
        Forging class, two specimens.

6 Saturday     Shoeing class + specimen, shoeing one front or hind foot,
Ardenner horse
        Forging class, two specimens.

7 Sunday    Top Ten semifinal, one hind foot + specimen,
        Top Five Final, two front feet with Bar shoes
Swedish half blood.


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